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Letter to self

Letter to self

To my future self…..

It is the end of the first week of induction, and what a long week it was. I hope you are able to walk around without a Coventry map folded in your back pocket with confidence not trepidation.

I am crossing my fingers for you to know everybody on the photography course by sight and name. At the moment I find it hard to relate to my flat mates, who all roll into bed at 3am, banging about breaking things. I do not want you to have bowed to the pressure of following them, as I cannot understand how they ever manage to get work done. I hope the work load hasn’t reduced you to working late into the night, but I do want you to have a great portfolio of beautiful photographs mounted and analysed.

One thing I would wish for you to have done is to learn to use Photo-shop, even though the advantage module was full, and at least have had a go with studio work.

Though at this moment I like to use old-fashioned film cameras for my photography, I would wish you to have moved on to digital because it can do so much more.

I hope you find time for yourself, as we both know how you like to be on your own, and that your flatmates take this and accept it because I am worried how they will feel about me not liking to go out drinking.

As for my photography, I would like you to have focused on light, landscapes and even done some joiners. I am wanting to one day try a 360 degrees joiner of a place, you may have attempted that. It would be amazing if you have saved up some money towards your final year degree show, but I know how much the books at Waterstones call you.

It will almost be the end of your first year away from home, though I cannot at this point see myself as a confident leaver, I know you would have at least plucked up the courage to get a train home on your own.

I hope that you now know how to fully use all of the different settings on your digital SLR camera, and have used the night settings and shutter speed to get beautiful photographs of the night traffic outside your window.

All I can do is sit and wish for everything to be ok with you, so at least I know I have something to look forward to. But I cannot see into the future, yet I hope this letter finds you well and happy with the choice of course and University and that you have made friends that you will keep forever.


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