Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

Hockney on Photography

Sky Arts 2 -8pm Fri 13th Nov

Notes made during the show.

Museum Ludwig- Cologne 1998 exhibition

  • Joiners- collage
  • Photographs
  • You make the Picture

Camera obscurer Old, vintage

  • Is photography an art or a tool?

Centre Pompidou- Paris showing a retrospective of Hockney’s work.

Polaroid camera

May 1982- Bill Brandt portrait Polaroid collage

Contains 5 sets of hands showing that time has passed.

‘Drawing with a camera’

Hockney tries to put himself in his photographs.

Salts Mill Gallery- Jonathan Silver

“Every image is an artifice”

“Perceptions of reality”

Cubism-confuse the viewer with shapes

Reverse perception

1985- Took a photograph for an article in Vogue magazine

His chair images look to be in a strange perspective, because he photographs and paints them how they would be seen if you moved around the chair.

He moved on to using fax machines and copy machines to create different pieces of art.

“Camera and printer”

Joiner- closer to the person, follows the lines in the image. Forced perspective

Space- defined edge- Grand Canyon 1982

“Looking into it” No focal point

Visual memory

Experience the space

Landscape Yorkshire- agriculture observation 2 months

“Husbandry in the east riding”


Vanity Fair- illustrate a story driving in the desert

Time, Speed and Memory

Pear blossom Highway- took photographs from a ladder so you could read the signs.

He worked for the theatre making the sets. Opera

He used different mediums


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