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John Hinde

John Hinde

John Wilfrid Hinde was an English photographer whose idealistic and nostalgic style influenced the art of postcard photography and was widely known for his meticulously planned shoots. His interest in colour photography arose during the 1940s. From the later half of the 1940s to the middle half of the 1950s, he entered the circus life, where he met his future wife. However, he soon returned to photography and, in 1956, he left the circus and founded John Hinde Ltd. in Dublin to produce and distribute his colour pictures of Ireland.

Hinde’s most famous work is that of the Butlin’s Holiday Camps, in which he portrayed a welcoming and jubilant environment. In 1972, he sold his company in order to pursue his love of painting. The Irish Museum of Modern Art recognized his work with a retrospective in Dublin in 1993. In 1998, Hinde died in Dordogne, France. At the time of his death, millions of his postcards had been sold worldwide.


I found out about John Hinde from the forward of my Martin Parr photography book, and once I had researched him, fell in love with his postcard images straight away. I really enjoy the colours in them, and how they evoke memories of holidays long since passed.

I recently got his book ‘Our True Intent Is For Your Delight’, it is a wonderful collection of some of his Butlins postcard photography. I used to go to Skeggness Butlins as a child and the pictures are nice to look at to see how it looked during my parents time. It was still a popular family holiday destination then, and even though some of the pictures are elaborately posed, they would still make me want to go to Butlins.


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