Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

These images were taken using the Renaissance’s idea of light and perspective. I think the link is quite hard to see unless you know there’s a link, but it is subtle. I focused on the light part of Renaissance art, because it is something I can carry on in to my photography, such as in these photographs.

I walked to a nearby park, and found the lake frozen over with little blocks of ice in. I really liked how the light seemed to turn the ice into glass, and how the ducks, swans and geese were mirrored in the ice. This gives my images a surreal feel, and gives them depth. The ice glistens with the light, showing the cracks and textures on the ice blocks. I am really glad that I saw the lake when it was frozen over.


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