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Reply Letter to Self….

It is almost the end of my first year at university now. Reading your letter fills me with a sense of pride about what I have achieved in that short space of time. I certainly no longer need a map to find my way around the University. I also know Coventry better now; I can walk to the shops and the supermarket with ease. I also found out where the post boxes are so I can keep in touch the old fashioned way.

I have made some wonderful friends on my course, some I hope to keep for the rest of my life. They have helped me learn new skills and have made me become slightly more confident with myself. I have even had my first taste of alcohol, and I have to say I liked it, so more please Kayleigh. I still don’t really click with my flatmates, but I prefer my friends on my course. I don’t need to try and fit in with my flatmates.

I have been working hard, but also doing my old trick of leaving things to the last minute. I really do need to work on that. I have been taking many pictures, film digital and pinhole shots. I have moved onto using digital more for my photographs because I like how you have the power to see the photograph after you have taken it. It makes taking photographs so much easier, but I do still like film. I have even had a go at making photograms again, and will continue to experiment throughout my Uni life.

I certainly have focused on light in my photography not just because it was one of our assignments, but because I like the subject. I have also done lots of landscape and nature photography, and am starting to branch out into pinhole pictures and studio portraits, which should be fun. There’s even a little money saved away for the degree show in my bank which I wouldn’t have bet on at the start of the year.

I am glad to say that yes I am happy with life and my choice of University. If I hadn’t have made the choice to put Coventry down on my list I wouldn’t have met all my lovely friends, my amazing boyfriend David and learnt all the new things about photography. I am looking forward to another year of new experiences and living with 3 brilliant people. Hopefully staying with David forever, and keeping the friends I have made for the rest of my life.

XOXO Chloe


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