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Exploring an Under-represented Group in the Media

To think of groups represented in the media, is to think of celebrities, footballer’s crime offenders, youths, lottery winners, politicians and only occasionally the people that do deserve the spotlight.

It is not very often that the media do a piece on a charities efforts or a person’s determination to help someone else. Sometimes yes I agree they are highlighted on shows such as look north, or in regional news papers. But they hardly get a look in on the main news headlines.

I feel people and charities that do good things, deserve more media attention. They certainly deserve the attention criminals and young offenders receive. It would be nicer to hear about Oxfam’s effort in helping people than a group of drunken youths attacking someone.

But no we mustn’t erase the countries bad behaviour, but we could give the people that really make a difference, in any small way, a chance to be heard and thanked. There are the nurses who help people feel better, the carers making life more comfortable, the teachers giving children a chance to shine, and there are the normal people like you and me who do extraordinary things to help other people.

Think of all the people running the London marathon every year for different charities. They have to go through months of training, just to be able to finish the 26 miles. But these people don’t get shown on the media, I’m not asking for them all to be thanked in person; they should just get as much media attention as the people running in costume for charity.

There are the schools that throw special events to raise money for a cause. They never get media attention, unless a celebrity endorses the event. There is of the many charities raising money to help those in need from donations from normal people. The charities like the British Heart Foundation, the National Rainforest Alliance, and the countless other small charities raising money for anything from illnesses to animals.

I really admire the good in people; some people can be full of it, whereas others suppress it. It would be nice to see more happy things on the news and in the media; it could lift people’s spirits and encourage them to help a good cause.

I am certainly not trying to brainwash anybody into being something they are not. I just want the media to realise that the world isn’t helped by the footballers, the celebrities or the criminals, yes celebrities sometimes give to charity and I admire them for that. But the ordinary people and charity organisations that do the same everyday deserve the same amount of respect and media attention if not more.

So my under-represented group in the media is more about how people act towards other people. I wrote about the ones that help for no financial or any type of gain at all. They help because they can, like the many charity organisations, these certainly deserve more media attention.

Sometimes it’s just amazing to see the good inside people, and how they help others, it inspires me to help and be kinder towards everyone.


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