Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

If I were to say for my University project I am going to re-create famous works of art out of Lego, you may think this is an easy project something done in a matter of minutes without any context. There you would be wrong. I have been working towards creating my Lego images for a while now, practising lighting techniques and collecting Lego figures and bricks to use. Now I have enough Lego to begin my images.

The idea behind my project is to argue the use of darkroom or computer manipulation in images. I was always rather against the use of manipulation in images because I thought it took some of the skill away, but now looking into Photo-shop and darkroom techniques myself I have found that a lot of skills are needed to produce photographs using these methods. My pictures are going to recreate famous paintings and images from throughout history using lego and other materials. they will be construcetd images but not using manipulation.

I don’t really understand the use of manipulation in images that have been created to portray a message or help a cause. Because this is effectively showing a false image. My images are going to be showing how easily something can be manipulated to look like something else, and how we shouldn’t always believe what our eyes see.

Ideas of images to create using Lego

The Mona Lisa is one image I must recreate with Lego, I really like the original painting and will find trying to recreate it with Lego both challenging and fun. (

The Lego Mona Lisa as created by udronotto. I will be going for this kind of look to my images, but I will certainly not just copy this image for my Mona Lisa, I will do it my way.

I thought a cubist image would be interesting to try and re-create using Lego, and Picasso’s Weeping Woman painting caught my attention straight away. I think this image will be challenging but rewarding to re-create. (

This is another painting I would love to re-create using Lego. I will need a black backdrop and some materials for the Lego figure, and also a small silver ball or something for the earring.

My primary source of inspiration for my ideas is David Levinthal’s photographs of toys. He uses such a small depth of field and atmospheric lighting that the toys almost look real. I will not be trying to make my Lego images look real, but I want them to maybe fool your eyes for at least a second.



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