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Essay Evaluation

I found the essay really hard at first because we weren’t given a title or anything specific to write about. But once I had a subject I wanted to write about I found the research more enjoyable. Finding books in the library on Ansel Adams wasn’t difficult, but it was hard getting them out of the library when people already had them. But Sally showed me google scholar and that helped with a lot of my research.

I really enjoy the historical part of photography so researching the beginings of photography was really interesting for me. Once again writing the essay was hard especially after being told my topic was too broard. I didn’t just focus on one photographer likeI was advised to, because an essay isn’t an essay without something to compare or argue. I certainly perfer essays to presentations because in an essay you cant lose marks for being nervous or not talking for long enough. Essays let me put my opinions down in paper and I enjoy writing them, I dont enjoy doing presentations at all and I think my marks would suffer if this had been a presentation.

Overall if I did this essay again, I would probably spend more time on research, but also make sure I did myother assingments instead of just focusing on the essay.


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