Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

While I was researching the Seven deadly sins I came across a movie from 1995 directed byDavid Fincher that had the seven deadly sins as a theme throughout it. So I decided to buy the film to watch myself, to go with my research.

The film is about two homicide detectives’ (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) hunt for a serial killer who is murdering people based on the seven deadly sins. The film has a dark and mysterious atmosphere that goes well with the seven deadly sins. Gluttony comes first followed by greed where we learn of the killers intent to kill for the sins, as he wrote greed in the victims blood.

John Doe (the Killer) argues that his victims were sinners and that he was carrying out gods work disposing of them. The film told me that everybody is a sinner in some way, but we shouldn’t look on this as a fault, it just means values have changed since the sins were written. The film was dark and horrific so I will take inspiration from this and make my images dark to show sinners.

This fim is worth watching for the story, but it is a film I could only watch once as the plot is ruined after the suspense has gone. It may be labled an 18 but that is from 1995, and I think it would probably be a 15 today as I didn’t find it that bad. Overall it was a brilliant film to watch for my research.


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