Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

Throughout the project I did enjoy being able to come up with my own ideas without a set title or theme I had to follow. I liked being able to carry on with my summer work and the subjects I enjoy photographing. At first I found it hard to come up with a solid idea, I had some idea of what I wanted to use and the lighting but no meaning behind my images. I was reluctant at first to change my idea, because it was something I wanted to do but looking back I think it would have taken to long to create the images I wanted to. I still feel photography doesn’t need a meaning, it is more the feelings the images create in the viewers of the picture. But I researched my ideas more about the seven deadly sins and the more I thought about them the easier it was to think of a meaning and a subject for my images.

I did find it hard to think of ideas for the sins, I think a mind map would have been a better way of thinking about it than just sitting and staring at my screen. But I did eventually get a series of seven images that flow as a group and all carry across their messages.

I really have enjoyed keeping a blog of my work instead of a journal, I never thought I would say that, it gives me more freedom to upload my inspiration and research. I also like how much neater a blog is compared to sticking things into a journal. I will still create a portfolio to carry with me for job interviews in the future, but for now with my university work I will put it all onto a blog. It saves time for photographing and puts all my research in a place for not only me to see but all my classmates and anyone on the internet who finds it. It is also a nice place to display my final work as it puts it all together.

Once again I found myself pushed for time to complete the assingment, not because I sat around doing nothing but because of all the other things I has to focus on. I find it hard to focus on loads of different things at once, so the essay and fashion shoot didn’t help. I know this is just me being lazy, so I will make sure I timetable my time better next term, to make sure I get everything done.

In my opinion this project is one of the best I have done so far. I really put all my effort in creating the images and choosing the subject matter. I even had to get the lighting just right to achieve the eerie feel to all my images. I did have to re-take a few of my images after my ideas developed more from a group critique session, this was slightly worrying in itself because I had a week to re-shoot and change my idea. But I managed to get it all done, and I like the outcomes. If I could do this project again I would make sure I got all my final images done a week before ready for the group critique then I could spend the next week getting them printed and mounted. Finding all my frames in different charity shops was a hard task especially as I wanted them all the same size. I did have to buy one from wilkinsons, but I hope this doesn’t detract from the final work.

I really hope to be able to carry on using mini sets and lighting techniques to photograph toys and figures, and maybe even create mini film sets with them and try and get a feel for being a director of photography.


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