Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

For the main part of my professional experience I and two other photography students, Kayleigh and Bijash are going to have an exhibition of our work at the Herbert’s Glasshouse gallery. This will act as the main part of my professional experience because I will be professionally printing my images, framing them and being the curator of the exhibition. This will involve choosing which pieces of my work go where and getting suitable packing to transport our work to the gallery. We intend this to show us how creating our own exhibition works and gain insight into what people would like to see. I would want people to see my work, but this is not my primary focus, I have an interest in galleries and how they manage to showcase a collection, so our exhibition will be exciting for me. I am really looking forward to creating our exhibition because it will be something new that I haven’t done before and a nice project in which I can learn new skills.

I have already assisted the photographer Paul Smith on a shoot which is a day of my experience. I was helping set up lights and moving tables so he could set up a tripod with the camera on. I felt this was a really good day and I gained a lot of experience by seeing how a professional photographer works and what they expect someone assisting them to be able to do.  I will be keeping my eye on the professional experience blog for more opportunities so I can get a wide range of different experiences. I want many different experiences because I haven’t decided on the type of job id like to use my photography degree in yet. I will be happy to do anything and I feel that getting experience in many different fields using photography will be beneficial to my job hunting after university.  A wide range of experience is always good, so that’s why I want to try different things; this all depends on how much work and planning the exhibition will take. As I want to make it look as professional as we can, creating flyers and posters to get people in, printing out images at the print bureau for the best quality pictures and finding frames that enhance the images instead of detracting from them. We are also going to make sure that each of us has at least one piece of work in the front window of the gallery, so even passers by will view our work and maybe our names too.


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