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Cv (original)

Chloe Short’s CV


I am a highly organised worker, who can keep to deadlines effectively. I can work in a team being able to get my ideas across, and I can also work alone and motivate myself to get the job finished. I always strive to work the hardest I can, making the best of any project given to me.

Qualification description:

John Leggott College, 1/9/2007-1/7/2009 Photography A level B
John Leggott College, 1/9/2007-1/7/2009 History A Level C

John Leggott College, 1/9/2007-1/7/2009 Art A Level D

Work history:

Work Experience for Year 10 at Foxhills Technology College

Oxfam 1 week

For my work experience I decided to go and help out at my local Oxfam charity shop. I had to go have an interview first with the manager Linda, was talked about the job and what skills I would need to accomplish it. I couldn’t work on the till because that needed a weeks training, but I could help upstairs sorting out all the donations. I did that for a week, Linda was really happy about the help. I used a tag gun to put labels on the clothes and price them ready for the shop floor. I also sorted out the clothes and bric-a-brac on the shop floor so they would look neat for the customers to see. I really enjoyed this job, my work colleagues were all friendly and we could chat while we worked. I used my time management skills to make sure I got everything done in time each day. I used my communication skills to help customers find items they were looking for. I worked the hardest I could to help the shop get through the large amount of donations, I helped to clear the entire top room. At the end of my work experience week Linda rang me to say I worked extremely well and if I ever wanted to volunteer there she would have me back anytime.

 Interest and hobbies:
I have always been interested in photography, since I first picked up a disposable camera. So I am passionate about the medium and always look for new ways to improve my knowledge of techniques and past photographers. I have used film cameras, developing the film myself, and I have used digital cameras. I have also used a medium format camera so am familiar with many types of photography. I love working in the darkroom developing prints and I enjoy working on Photoshop with digital pictures.

Awards and membership of professional bodies:
100% attendance Foxhills Technology College 2002, 2004 and 2005


Paul Smith
Coventry University Photography Module Leader

Contact details:

Chloe Short


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