Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

Donatello’s David (1430) was the first full length male statue.

Michaelangelo’s David (1501-1504) had taller proportions which made it look more beautiful which brought it closer to god and the ideal types. It was said to be a reflection of the beauty of the soul. It’s nude because it’s an idealised individual, he doesn’t need clothes. No clothes=closer to God.

Raphael The Three Graces.

Franceso Goya-The Naked Maja

The Clothed Maja

It seems to me that to stop people being outraged at the painting he just painted clothes onto her body, except that her feet are at a slightly different angle.

Robert Mapplethorpe

Derrick Cross 1982 (Idealised Body,Not showing the face)

Patti Smith By Robert Mapplethorpe 1976

Cindy Sherman Recreated Rennaissance Paintings.

We also got shown some live art, such as the work of Heather Cassils, who is a female extreme body builder who holds poses for a long time to show the stress on her body.

And the weird Ron Athey who uses spears to impail himself, this I did not like to watch so cannot write much about it.

I did like this lecture, especially the start because the old renaissance art has always inspired me in my photography and back when I did art at college. I really love learing about the history of things, so to learn about the history of how the figure was interpreted was really interesting.


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