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Today I went to see the Lock Gallery for the first time. We had a hard time finding it at first because the gallery had moved from inside the canal basin to outside of it. Once we had found it I met Emma (who owns the Gallery) and she was really nice, telling us all about how she would exhibit our work and about the opening she puts on at the start of the exhibition.

I was awed at how beautiful the Gallery was. It was small but had so much character. The walls were stone painted white with curved ceilings and many different places to hang artwork. I really wanted to have our exhibition there, so was delighted when Bijash and Kayleigh felt the same way. The cost to hire the gallery for a week was £150 but that included drinks and food for the opening, and being only £50 each I thought it was a good deal to hire the space.  Emma would do most of the planning for the opening, we just had to make posters, invite people, hang our work, and pay her the money to buy food and drinks.

I’m really excited to see how the exhibition will look, as I have never exhibited my work before. Now I need to choose what to exhibit and get the images professionally printed.


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