Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

I have been asked to create an exhibition poster using one of my images. I will put it up around the Ellen Terry building and anywhere else around Coventry University that I am allowed to put one up.

I know my poster has to contain the Lock Gallery’s logo.

Mine, Kayleigh’s and Bijash’s name and blog address. When it is on at the gallery, and a little map telling people how to get to the gallery.

So I need to research photography exhibition posters before I can start to create my own. So I can gain some inspiration and see what type of posters work best.


I found this poster, and I like the simple black and white design it has. But its really cluttered and I cant read half of the writing, So I need to make sure I dont bunch up the writing too much on my poster.


I like this poster, I like how all the images aligne to create one rectangle. It looks really neat and preofessional. I must keep my images and text neat like this to keep my poster looking professional.


I really like this poster, It focuses your eye onto the photograph in the background but also keeps all of the important information there for you to see. I need to make sure I keep my poster simple but let it highlight my work.


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