Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

I was really excited for the opening night to the exhibition as I wanted to see how an opening night goes. We went early to stick labels, that we had printed, underneath our photographs. The opening was to start at 6pm and me, Kayleigh and Bijash were there just before 5.30pm to make sure everything was set up and ready to go. Emma had set out crisps, cakes and wine ready for people to have while they looked at the photographs. As soon as it had gone past 6pm people started arriving. A woman from the Coventry Telegraph asked us a few questions about the exhibition, which was a very nice experience. I walked around answering any questions about my work and making sure people were enjoying themselves. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere the little gallery gave, people could just grab a glass of wine and sit down to admire the photographs. Near the end of the evening people left and we were there alone. But I wasn’t disheartened because the exhibition is open for a week and I know more people will go and see my work.

This experience has made me want to exhibit my work more often in the Lock gallery because I loved how intimate the setting made the viewing. How I could go talk to people about my work when they were looking at it, and how everybody seemed to be enjoying the photographs. It was a very tiring day, but that wouldn’t stop me from doing it again. I would make sure to have the exhibition on for 2 weeks or more next time so that more people could hear about it.  I would have also advertised the opening night more if I could do this again. But I really enjoyed the experience, and hope for more chances to exhibit my work in the future.

Photographs from the opening night taken by Pete Lord.

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