Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

I have decided to research Macro photography, in case I decide to use some macro shots in my work. I know I would love to do macro photography but at the moment I do not have the money for the lens. For my work, macro photography could photograph the details of a film scene, so there could be more than one photograph per film. I could maybe window mount in series of 3 images of the different films, the scene shot from three different angles, just how a director of photography would see the scene.

I saw this image and it stuck me because of how beautiful it is. It may just be a close up image of a lit match, but the rough surface of the match contrasts with the silky, curved smoke from the match. I really like the colours in this photograph, the blue of the match and smoke really stand out against the dark background. The photographer must have used a flash to highlight the smoke and the match, I am going to try out different lighting techniques with my Lego images, so I can create many different atmospheres.

I really enjoy seeing images of water droplets, especially when the flower is reflected in the droplet.  Its something that is really hard to see with just your eyes, so being able to capture it with a camera is really interesting. the images always make me wonder how the water droplet is clinging onto the flower or leaf. I may use water in my Lego images, so knowing how to capture the water best will be useful to me.

This image just amazed me so I had to add it into my blog. The water droplet has ice crystals on it. This is something I have never seen up close and I find it fascinating. This image shows the power of macro photography and how close you can get to an object.

Images all from this website.


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