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After the lecture and tutorial today I realised that I hadn’t thought much about my research project because I had been researching my final photography project, I thought this was what we had to do. So I am going to think about it now.

In my tutorial with Paul we talked a little about my ideas for my final project and the type of job I’d like to go out and do after uni. He really helped me get my ideas together and think about what I would like to research about for my project. I have been focusing on photographing toys recently, mainly Lego, and I want to research into why photographers choose to photograph toys. What the ideas behind it are and any reasons why they photograph them. I think this will be a really interesting research project and I can cover a wide range of photographers from the well know, like David Levinthal to lesser know photographers that work with toys. I will asses how they use the toys in their images and the ideas and feelings behind them. I will see if the choice of toys has something to do with the photographers childhood or something different altogether. I will hopefully find out why I enjoy photographing Lego, I think it is because I am trying out lighting sets and capturing a scene in my camera like a director of photography would do (my ideal job).

My project will take a lot of research but in the end will be worth it as I will find out why many photographers before me have chosen the medium of toys to photograph, and I will be able to fully understand why I like photographing Lego.


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