Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

Garner a portfolio of 8-10 images from different photographers who’s work inspires you. 
Choose carefully, as though your edit was going to appear as a spread in a printed magazine – you may choose to lay them out as such if you wish, with attention to scale, pace and flow etc. 
The portfolio must directly address a theme of your choosing – it could be a personal theme or a topical one, the choice is yours.
I have decided to focus on photographers who photograph Britain for my images. This idea came from looking at the photographer who inspires me most, Martin Parr, he has inspired me from the start of my fascination with photography. I like how he photographs normal Britain using high-saturation colour film, so the images take on a nostalgic humour that really brings the stereotypical mental images of Britain in the 1980’s-90’s to life. So I will start with Martin Parr for 2 of my images.

Moving on from Martin Parr, I have to showcase John Hinde’s photography for postcards. I got John Hinde’s postcard book ‘Our True Intent Is All For Your Delight’ when I bought Martin Parr’s book ‘The last Resort’ and these two books have inspired me throughout all of my photography work. What inspired me about Hinde’s postcards of Butlin’s was the bright colours and old-fashioned feel of the images. Just like Parr’s images, Hinde’s bring nostalgia to every shot, so as you look through them you can’t help but smile, even I smile at the Butlin’s photographs and I wasn’t alive when he took them.
For my next photographer I move to David Hockney. He has always inspired me ever since I researched him for a photomontage task in college. There is something about his ‘joiners’ that really draw my attention. The way they contain more information than a single photograph, they show the depth and detail of a place. I like how each image shows a narrative, and how Hockney often photographs his shoes in the image, so they become almost a self portrait of places he has been. I have also included his oil painting ‘Bigger Trees near Warter’ because it is showing the beautiful British countryside and Hockney used photography to help him create the 15 x 40 feet painting.
I now move to an artist who I have always gained inspiration from for my photography and that is Andy Goldsworthy. He is an artist not a photographer, but he does photograph the work he has created out in the forests and countryside’s of Britain. His work uses found materials to create art in the areas that he finds the materials in. He then leaves the works of art to be destroyed by nature. I always go back to Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration for my projects, there is something about his natural sculptures that captures my attention. I like the fluid and colourful nature to his work, it shows how beautiful nature is.
Layout Idea
My layout idea for my chosen images is to have Martin Parr in the middle of the double page spread then have the rest of the images follow round in a circle from left to right. This means every artist’s images have their own space on the page and the viewer can look through the article at their own pace, then read the reasons why I chose the artists after looking at the images. This means that the viewer will come up with their own ideas about the images before reading my views, I think this is important so they can make their own mind up if they like the images or not.

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