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Phonar Task 2

Here are the images that accompany my recorded sounds.

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You will have to listen to them one after the other in order, because soundcloud didn’t like the whole thing together and I had to break it into little chunks for it to upload. There are a few bad parts where a car can be heard and then the next section it is gone completely, but this is because of the problems I had with Audacity, I did the best I could!

Well, I would have an over 8 minute long sound recording to put here but after spending ages putting the whole thing together, listening to each bit and copying over the best sounds. But once I listened to the whole thing Audacity decided it wanted to lose whole parts of my recording, the sound output just dies. So it sounded really bad, I had lost parts of my recording and I have no idea how to fix this so I am going to have to put each part of my recording here for you to listen to.

I did cut out the bits of sound from my final recording that were lost, the final audio file does sound ok, but I lost over 3 minutes of audio, and my favourite bit at the start where you can hear birds singing.

This task was ok, I liked the photography section of it and listening back to the audio. I really liked the quiet parts of the audio where I could hear bird song. Going around in a blindfold made me feel embarrased and silly, I could just as easily have walked around with my eyes open and taken the same audio. Going around taking photographs with ear plugs in wasn’t as bad, but I still felt embarrased because I could see how people were looking at me and Kayleigh. One thing I noticed about one person being blindfolded and another having ear plugs in, was that when crossing roads it was really unsafe for both of us.

Overall I would have prefered a task fully about using and enhacing the photographic skills I have and maybe learning a few more. I cannot see where I will use sound recording again, but it is useful to know it. But if I had wanted to learn about all aspects of media, I would have done Media production. I would like to learn more about photography, photographers, techniques and photography history.


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