Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

Transformative story telling and Photofilms.

Mike Lusmore

Made his first photofilm in 2008

Working with Duckrabbit

We must embrace today’s technology

More people have cameras.

New concepts



Transformative Story Telling



Multiple medias-Text, animation, video, interactive, audio, photographs. Needs to tell a story.


Consists of still images, audio interviews and ambient sound gathered together in the field to creat multi-layered short pieces. Edited together to create a short film.

Key audio elements in a photofilm


Ambient sound

Narritive Story

Tells a complex story in a simple way

Gives subject a voice


Transformative storytelling

Transforming media to fit the story

Creating work that tellls a story with stuff that wasn’t originally created for that task with your own content.


Jonathan Mcintosh- Buffy V Edward

Geert Van Kesteren Photographer 2003/04 Iraq War

He complied mobile phone photos taken by Iraqi’s creating an entry point into the war.

He brough together interviews, amateur footage and his own work to tell the story.

Baghdad Calling-Exhibition

Why Mister Why?-Book


Different strands combine to tell the whole story.

Las Vegas Sun-Bottoming Out, about gambling addiction in Las Vegas


Embracing new technology will allow you to tell stories in new and exciting ways!

The photos are still important.

The story is very important

The audience is important.


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