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Phonar Task 3


This is my video using this Phiction story…

This is a picture I did not take of an illustration of a bluebird on a page torn from a child’s textbook, nor is this a picture of the illustration as it fell from the low branches of a tree, where it had been trapped like trash beside a plastic bag, and when the page was blown from the tree, it fell to the ground slowly, the illustration facing me like a reminder of a bluebird, and when it landed at my feet, the illustration spun a bit in the wind, as if the bird knew it wasn’t meant for this, and would try everything it could to flap up off that page.


I narrated the story, when I had a cold so excuse the voice, then went out and recorded the singing of a blackbird to give a sense of place in the video. I then took photographs of the trees around where I took my audio and then painted a picture of a bluebird to finish off the video. I quite enjoyed this task because we could choose which passage to use and go take some photographs and audio for it. Im glad I now know how to record sounds and my own voice and put them together with photographs to create a video. But I think I enjoyed the photography side of this task more. I did get to record beautiful blackbird song though.


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