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350mc Symposium Research Proposal

Presentation Title – ‘We All Still Love Playing With Toys’

For my research project I am going to answer the question ‘How do photographers choose to work with toys for their photographs and is there a reason behind why they do?’ I have chosen this question because using toys in images is something I have been interested in since I first started using photography as a medium. For a starting point I am going to research how a variety of photographers use toys in their images, I will highlight their work and then from there, research if there are any reasons as to why the photographers chose to photograph the toys. I will also compare the work of photographers who work with toys, to the work of photographers who work with people making them look like toys. I will research the differences and why they have chosen to work in the different ways. I know that this research will be really interesting and will help me improve my own work. I will also be researching many unknown photographers which will be interesting for me and my audience. I will showcase my research in DVD format because I think this is the best way for me to be able to speak to a large audience confidently. I will be able to record my own voice reading out my script and, using a movie making program put video and images over the top of my voice, to create a professional project. My DVD will then be shown with other DVD presentations on a screening night, and then I will be able to answer any questions after the viewing.

All my research will be collated on my blog with the 350MC tag so I can easily find it when I need to re-read parts of my research and find websites. I think the blog is the best way to keep my research together without wasting paper that I would only lose.

I will of course be using the library to source photographer’s books and find out more research. I am going to sit in the library and blog all my research from the books, hopefully finding new photographers to research and write about.

I will have most of my research done before we break up for Christmas ready for the draft to be handed in when we get back from Christmas. Then once it has been checked and changed by myself, I will start to record the audio, me speaking, then put it together with images and maybe film clips from my research on a movie making program e.g. final cut pro on the Macs, ready for February when I must hand it in. Then I need to sort out a screening date with the rest of the people who are producing DVDs and be ready to answer any questions about my research that are put to me.

This research relates to me and my own work because photographing toys, especially Lego, is something I have been interested in since College. I would like to learn more about how other photographers photograph toys and also find out why they do it. This may help me be able to understand my fascination with photographing toys, and through this I will be able to enhance my photography work.


Photographers I will research

David Levinthal

Brian McCarty

David Lachapelle- Turing people into toys, giving them a fantasy edge.


Flickr Photographers I will Research

Sean Tubridy


Jason Jerde

Chris Mcveigh

Hsin Ho


Library Books

Barbie Millicent Roberts: an original David Levinthal San Jose Museum of Art

New York: Pantheon Books 1998 Main Collection Floor 3 (739.41 LEV) A book with David Levinthal’s images of Barbie dolls, I want to get this book out and read it for my research.


A room full of toys : the magical characters of childhood By Alberto Manguel, Michel Pintado, Jean Haas and Simon Saulnier. Main Collection Floor 3 (739.4 MAN) I think this book will help me see toys through different century’s, and it also contains many photographs which I can look at and analyse.


Toy armies by Peter Johnson

Copies available: Main Collection Floor 3 (739.42 JOH ) This book looks interesting, he has photographed toy armies, I would like to get it out and have a read through and see if it relates to my research.



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