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I found the interview quite hard to hear, as there was a lot of background noise making his voice hard to make out. But I wrote down what I could hear that was interesting.

My notes.

What Matters Now?

Whats the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur photographer?

To take a photograph you must frist work out what do you want to say and how are you going to say it.

An amateur is closer to the news than a professional e.g they have their cell phones ready to take a photo of anything. A professional has the ability to explore a subject, to create a narrative and engage the reader.

Non-linear narrative, not all stories have an end.

We must engage the subject, this is almost more important than engaging the reader.

In Ritchin’s opinion ‘the photographer in the future will be called the one who closes the question. the master of ceremonies.

‘The world is more important than the media’

We don’t want to know whats going to happen. We are better at the past than we are at the future.

We choose how we make the stories, we choose the path.

Narrative Prose

Smells, Sound, Sight – What you want to describe to explore a subject. Record the subjects voice, let them tell their story.

Have a way of putting the subjects voice to an image, but  let the reader choose if they want to listen to the audio or not, let them be able to turn it off. Amateurs do not create stories with audio and recordings, a professional does.


‘Ask the reader to work a little harder’ Ritchin means here, dont simplify your work for people. Taking a single image with a camera is fine but there’s so much more we can do to tell a story.

A Flickr account is a good way to share your images so more people can see them.

You research about things you like, e.g if you like a TV series, then you learn about the actors and director taking all the information in. You broaden your own knowledge. Photography could do this using hyper-text and hyper-links.

‘Communication must be serious on the subject and what media they use’

Reach out to people who may or may not be interested in the subject.

You can’t change people’s level of engagement easily. Use a subject people have forgotten about, or one they didn’t care about and show it again.

Photographers can’t just say here’s a photograph anymore, they must engage the audience with a story. But its difficult to get people to engage, we must find ways to engage the audience.

We need to have time to reflect on our stories.

You don’t know what you are going to do before you do it, life doesn’t work that way. We cannot see into the future.

Subject and reader both become co-authors. So many authors and content generators on the internet, but who is curating all this to engage the readers.

Pictures are important to us – Photography is powerful.

‘When everybody has a voice, all you get is noise’

Cell phone images are more believable. As they are raw images. We have a huge responsibility as story tellers to tell the real story.

The amateur doesn’t do narrative well, the professional is serious and wants to engage. The professional works out how to engage the audience.

Life is complicated it isn’t linear, we have limitless possibilities. The world is quantum, at any moment we can go in any direction.

‘We must engage the viewer, to make them part of the quest’

Multi-media to most people is just more media, we don’t consider the other opportunities e.g existing in lots of places simultaneously. Non-linearity. Non-linearity enables the reader to make more connections.

After Fred’s talk I started thinking about ways of engaging viewers in my work. I never really had strong meanings to my images because I though photographs didn’t need them, but now im starting to see that maybe the audience needs some kind of narrative to guide them to research more into my images. This talk and Fred’s book have been every helpful to me, giving me ideas into how I can engage viewers with my final project images for my exhibition.




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