Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

I am always here under your feet, but you hardly notice me. I do not have a voice; I cannot speak out to you as you walk past. I am at the mercy of the wind; it carries me wherever it wants to go, I am a prisoner. I used to be high in the sky, waving happily in the breeze. I watched you walk by me everyday, sometimes you would look up at me and I would catch a glimpse of your face. In spring I was born all vivid and fresh, in summer I had the best days of my life, and in autumn I started to fade away, my life was coming to an end, or so I thought. I still remember the day I hurtled to the ground, what looked like a graceful leap to you was a terrifying ordeal for me. The start of a new life. Once on the ground I was at the mercy of the wind, it took me to places I had never seen before. I started to enjoy my new adventure away from the clutches of my maker. I met new friends, ones who had taken the same journey as me. But the winter slowly drew cold and dark; I started to want to return to my home, high in the sky. I know I can never go back, but do not feel sorry for me; I am with friends, until the earth reclaims me. My only sadness is that I never see your face; you don’t look at me anymore. I am nobody, just a leaf lying underneath your feet.

My final task narrative is slightly different to what I think most people will be doing, I think people will tell the story of a person. But as the brief only said subject I decided to add a something I love into my story. Nature, is something that has always inspired me to take photographs, and I am always surprised by how people can just walk past nature and not even notice its beauty. I always wonder how people can miss natures beauty, I especially love autumn when all the leaves on the trees ae brown and they blow off in the wind. I based my story on this season, when the leaves fall to the ground and blow in the wind.

My images will be of leaves on the ground and in trees, but done in a personal way. Meaning some of my images will focus on one leaf on the ground, with a small depth of field so you can only see the one leaf. I will hold leaves up to a light so I can photograph their veins, like photographing their beauty and their personality. I am hoping that my short video when finished really shows people the beauty of the nature they just walk by each and every day.

The leaf will be a way to increase awareness in people about the nature they miss when they are walking around. We might destroy nature without even really looking at it. People are stuck in their own worlds, not noticing the beauty around them. While listening to the story people will imagine all the nature they walk past everyday, and decide to have a closer look at it next time they walk past.


Comments on: "Narrative for final Phonar task ‘A Life in the Day’" (1)

  1. Beautiful narrative and a stunning idea

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