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The worlds top manufacturer of miniature model figures, family-outfit Preiser are based near the German city of Nürnburg.  They manufacture in all major scales, including G Gauge (1:22.5 scale), O Gauge (1:43), HO Gauge (1:76), N Gauge (1:160) and Z Gauge (1:220).  In addition they also manufacture figures in a variety of other scales for such interests as Military and Architectural modelling.

Preiser offer the most comprehensive range of model figures around.  Whichever scale you model, you will find that Preiser offer a varied selection of figures to liven up your layout.  All painted figures are detailed by hand and offer exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

You will also find that all types of scene are catered for, whether it be railways, town or country life, the Circus, Military scenes or in the home.  There are also ‘Adam & Eve’ Combination Figure Kits available in many scales to allow you to create your own figures.

The HO range features two main series, the Exclusive Figure Series and the Standard Figure Series.  These cover the full range of scenes that you could wish to recreate, even including some Military and Period.  An unpainted selection including combination kits are also available.  A selection of HO Vehicles are also available, as well as Animal figures, both domestic animals, wild animals and some exotic species.

In N Gauge, a similar selection of figures can be found, and again in Z Gauge.  The G Scale selection caters for railway and many other modelling scenes, and the huge ‘Elastolin’ variety offers both painted and unpainted military figures from around the world and a number of different historical periods, including the Wild West, Prussia and WWII.  As in HO Gauge, there is also a large selection of animal figures, including many exotic animals that you might find at the Zoo or circus.

Preiser figures are also ideally suited to architectural models, in scales as small as 1:500, and so can be used for professional dioramas as well.  Finally, Preiser also manufacturer a range of accessories in most scales, and many of the figure packs also contain appropriate accessories.


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