Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

I first started thinking about the direction I wanted my final task to go in straight after the Phonar sound walk that we did at the start of the module. I noticed how blocking out sound or sight can affect how you look at the world, but for me, when I couldn’t hear anything I noticed the nature all around me instead of the cars zooming by. When I was blindfolded I still tried to record birds and the trees rustling in the wind. Nature is just something that inspires me and I wanted to find out what other people think about it and create a hub for their ideas and comments to join with my own photography. I tried to focus on natural subjects for the other phonar tasks, taking photos, recording sounds and creating my photo-films.

My inspiration for this task was what was always around me, I walk through Gosford Green park everyday, and have seen it change from a park full of vivid green leaves on the trees, to a park full of brown leaves on the trees, to the point when all the leaves fell off the trees and stared to blow away. I noticed the leaves and thought about writing people’s comments about nature on them, but after thinking about this more, I realised that the comments juts wouldn’t last if I wrote them on normal leaves, so that’s why I used the leaf-shaped post-its instead.

I am always inspired by nature and this project has let me be able to follow my inspiration further and really create something that I can continue working on for a long time.


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