Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

I used my own narrative and photographs to create my photo-film, and I also used the comments about nature from other people to add to my film. I wanted it to be something that people got together to create, some comments are on my blog, others were given to me on facebook from people who didn’t have WordPress accounts, and some were tweeted at me on twitter. I asked people to give me any comment about nature, a memory, an idea, or something they really enjoy about it. I got given a nice selection of different comments that I could add to my photo-film and to my blog. I couldn’t put all of the comments from people into my photo-film because I wanted to keep some of the images of nature in there too. I wanted it to be a celebration of nature, not just my own, but many people’s from different areas of the internet all coming together thinking about one subject, nature.

I really enjoyed doing this project, and I think it will now be an ongoing project, me collecting the thoughts and ideas from other people, writing them down and creating a book. Once I have enough comments I might even create a one-off handmade book, using wood, leaves and found materials. I did enjoy recording my own story too, it’s going to be a bit embarrassing to show it on Wednesday in class, because im worried people won’t understand the message behind it, but hopefully they will enjoy it.

If I were to start this project again, I would create the blog space for people to join together with their ideas and comments, earlier on in the module so that I could have many different people’s comments ready for the film. But overall I am pleased with how everything went, it was a lot of work but im happy with it.

I ended up using leaf shaped post-its instead of actual leaves, because the conditions outisde destroyed all the usable leaves. I didn’t think using leaves to write on would be that good anyway, because they would only tear or start to disintegrate. The post-its are made of natural paper and I photographed them on a wooden door, so they are both natural. Showing us the nature that we live with everyday but dont notice or appreciate.

Visit my Nature blog here.


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