Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

When being chased by Detective Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon), serial killer and voodoo practitioner Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray (Brad Dourif), is shot and mortally wounded. Before dying in his human body and weaking, he plots revenge on Norris, Ray takes cover inside a toy store, finds boxes of “Good Guy” dolls, and uses a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into one of them. A form of dark clouds forms around the store and is then struck by lightning, and it burns to the ground. A doll called Chucky is found by a homeless peddler, and sold to Karen Barclay, who gives him to her son Andy as a birthday gift. He talks to the doll, stating “Hi I’m Andy what’s your name?” Chucky replies back, “Hi I’m Chucky and I’m your friend to the end. Hidy ho ha ha ha.”


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