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1. for quote “nothing more or less than childhood recovered at will.”

2 and 3. for quote ‘I began to realize that by carefully selecting the depth of field and making it narrow, I could create a sense of movement and reality that was in fact not there.’

And “Ever since I began working with toys, I have been intrigued with the idea that these seemingly benign objects could take on such incredible power and personality simply by the way they were photographed”.

4. ( for quote ‘I seem to take a lot of photographs of toys. I also like messing about with light.’

5. Page 8 5th line down, for quote ‘A child sees everything in a state of newness, he is always drunk. Nothing more resembles what we call inspiration than the delight with which a child absorbs form and colour’.

6. Page 8, 33 lines down ‘a person who is never for a moment without the genius of childhood, a genius for which no aspect of life has become stale.’

7.  Walter Benjamin Old Toys Page 100 Benjamin, Walter. “Old Toys: The Toy Exhibition at the Märkisches Museum,” in Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2, part 1, 1927-1930 (Walter Benjamin). Cambridge: Belknap Press, 2005 ISBN 0674008960 “When the urge to play overcomes an adult, this is not simply a regression to childhood. To be sure, play is always liberating. Surrounded by a world of giants, children use play to create a world appropriate to their size. But the adult, who finds himself, threatened by the real world and can find no escape, removes its sting by playing with its image in reduced form.’

Images David Levinthal Images David Levinthal Images Mike Stimpson Images Mike Stimpson Images Hans Bellmer Images Child’s Play Chucky Image

Videos    Toy Story Video     Halo Video

Research Extracts from Walter Benjamin’s Old Toys publication.

Plus much more research on my blog


Barbie Millicent Roberts: an original David Levinthal San Jose Museum of Art

New York: Pantheon Books 1998 Found in Coventry Library Main Collection Floor 3 (739.41 LEV) IBSN: 0375404252 1ST Edition, Pantheon Books

A room full of toys : the magical characters of childhood By Alberto Manguel, Michel Pintado, Jean Haas and Simon Saulnier. Found in Coventry Library Main Collection Floor 3 (739.4 MAN) ISBN: 0500513171 Thames & Hudson


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