Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

Astrid Bin

S. Astrid Bin is an interdisciplinary artist. Past endeavors have included baiting and then unbaiting 100 mousetraps with her hands, making a picture of a pigeon from 538 pieces of toast, documenting an attempt at making a million dollars in a year, photographing over 4000 banana skins, locking herself in a disused bank vault for ten nights, making light into a drawing medium, sending hundreds of postcards to an empty building, shaving her head, and occupying a phone booth for 24 hours. She has received death threats, hate mail and international press.

She works two dimensionally (works on paper, text pieces, photography, printed projects), three dimensionally (installation, sculpture and art in public spaces) and four dimensionally (time-based and performance works). She has exhibited in Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, and currently divides her time between Belfast and Berlin.

I found this artist while researching suspended installation art. I came across her ‘One Thousand Means of Escape’ piece and felt that it was a quite good example showing how I could suspend my installation. Then looking at her other work I was disappointed that it was modern performance art. I really like her work with paper, creating new shapes and filling a gallery space with her work. I like her use of imagination, especially because when the viewers walk into the space they wont know what the work is about, I like it when the viewers are allowed to create a story about the artwork themselves.

I really like how she suspended her paper planes, I am hoping my installation will look as good as that, but I do not have my hopes up as it is made by me at home, not in an art studio, so my installation will look a little amateur. I am hoping I can still get my messages across in my art piece though.

‘One Thousand Means of Escape’

‘Geomentropy’ Installations


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