Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

I decided I wanted a few pieces of text incorporated into my installation so that the story can be told through the photographs and the text. I felt it was a little hard to understand what the piece was about and I didn’t want people walking away confused. The text will complement my two letter to selves that will be in my installation, this will help everything knit together into one photographic art installation. I felt I needed to get the meaning of the piece across a little more, how it is about my journey from childhood through university and how it has shaped who I am, how I feel I have left my home and childhood behind me in a physical sense, but how I will always carry it with me in memories and photographs.

I put my text into my installation by first sticking the piece of printed text onto card then cutting it out with some craft scissors. I really liked the handmade feel the craft scissors gave me, it carried on the family scrapbook feel of my piece into the text as well.

Tidying the text up with normal scissors

My craft scissors

After I had my piece of text cut and stuck onto card I cut some material from the children’s clothes I bought earlier and sewed it into as close to a rectangle shape I could get. I sewed around all the sides and put some cardboard inside the material for extra support. I then glued the piece of text onto the material.

Gluing the text on

Then after that all I needed to do was to sew a thick one stitch at each end of the piece of text to make sure it stays on when it is connected to the installation.

Sewing the text on

Now I will sew the pieces of text onto my installation, at least one piece of text per set of photographs on each ribbon. I have six different typed texts they say, Leaving university isn’t the end of something, it is just the beginning. I’m still the same person as when I arrived, I’ve just got older. Never grow up. Sometimes I wonder what I’ve achieved, and then I look around and I know it’s the people I’ve met and the things I’ve done that really show who I am. Pack up your life in a suitcase, the journey may be better than the destination. I will always carry the memories of my childhood with me; they are a part of me.



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