Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

For my installation I knew I wanted some larger printed photographs on their own ribbons, so that the viewers could have different things to look at in my installation, and so that the larger photographs could be seen from further away in the gallery. The photographs I selected were eight photographs I hadn’t used on the main section of my installation the photos I used were these;

I sewed around each of the sides of the photographs just like I did with the smaller photographs. This time only having the ribbon coming out of the top, so that I can suspend the photographs in between the other suspended ribbons of the installation. This will help my installation look like one piece and give the illusion that the photos are flowing out of the suitcase and flying away.

Two sections of my installation containing the 6″ x 9″ photos.


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