Inspired by light, passion and mystery. All images are copy-writed to myself, unless stated otherwise. No images may be used without consent.

In my work I have had to make many decisions in the process of creating it that have led me to where I am now. At first I had to decide what ribbon to buy, I chose light thin ribbon because I was going to be suspending it from the ceiling so it couldn’t be too heavy. I didn’t want my photographs to fall down during the exhibition. I had to decide what needles and thread to use, because I was sewing onto my photographs I had to find a really thing needle so it wouldn’t damage the photographs. I also used thin thread so I didn’t take too much away from the photograph when I had sewn onto it. I also had to decide what colour of thread to use for each photograph. I went with black for the black and white ones and blue for the sky ones, so that the thread doesn’t distract the viewers from the photographs. I want people to see my work not just see my sewing.

I had to decide what type of suitcase to use, in the end I chose to use an old suitcase I owned. This will help to keep the entire project personal to me and because it is a vintage suitcase it will keep to the aesthetic of the piece. It also needed to be a working suitcase because the point of the piece is that it is a journey, that it can be packed up into the suitcase and carried away. This will also help with the transportation of my piece to the Coventry degree show gallery and the Frameless gallery in London. The suitcase is very hard-wearing and I know it will keep my installation safe on my travels.

I had to choose what paper to print my photographs onto, I chose matt for the ghostly photos and the sky photos, and I chose glossy for the childhood photographs. I chose glossy because that is the aesthetic I associate old holiday and childhood snaps with. I wanted my piece to carry that idea into people’s minds when they look at my work, I want the childhood photos to look old and vintage. I chose matt for the ghostly and sky photos because I wanted a contrast between the bright glossy colours of the childhood photos to the reflective sky and ghostly photographs. The ghostly photographs are showing that I feel disconnected from my home so they needed to be matt for the right effect.

The main reason I have behind deciding to create an installation instead of just prints, is because I wanted to create something that was original, one of a kind. My installation will only exist in the gallery that it is set up in, once the exhibition is finished it will be taken down and packed into the suitcase to be carried to my next exhibition in London. After that it will live in the suitcase, so the people who view my installation in person in the two galleries will never see it up again, unless they look at photographs of it that will be posted on my blog.

My work is a personal journey showing how I feel finishing uni and how I felt my journey went. It is me realising that I don’t really remember the things that happened in my childhood photographs, but knowing that I need to hold onto them. All of the objects inside the suitcase show my connection to my childhood and are symbols of journey, what you might take with you.


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