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Chloe Short’s CV

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I am a highly organised worker, who can keep to deadlines effectively. I am able to get my ideas across when working in large groups, and I can also work alone and motivate myself to get jobs finished for their deadline. I always strive to work the hardest I can, making the best of any project given to me.

Qualification description:

Coventry University, 28/9/2009-8/7/2012 Photography BA (Hons)

John Leggott College, 1/9/2007-1/7/2009

Photography A level – B

History A Level – C

Art A Level – D

Foxhills Technology College Gcse’s

History – A*

English Double Award – A, A

Science Double Award – A, A

Maths – A

Art – B

French – B

Graphics – C

Work history: 

Professional Experience Assisting Paul Smith

I volunteered to assist my lecturer Paul Smith on a shoot at the Derby Rolls Royce staff training centre/engine museum with another student. Paul was going to photograph composite images of aeroplane engines using several different pictures with varying exposures in HD to create one image. He did this by taking an underexposed image an overexposed image and an image that was perfectly exposed, so he could later put them together on Phocus (the image editing software by Hassleblad). I gained experience by helping set up the portable studio lights wherever Paul wanted them and moving all the equipment from one engine to another. I also set up reflectors and the tripod for his camera. We also had to solve problems together; one example of this is we had to decide how to cover the writing behind one of the engines we decided to use tape and reflectors.

Professional Experience for Second Year of Photography Degree

I held an exhibition with two other photography students for my professional experience. We had to find a gallery to exhibit in, get our photographs printed and framed ourselves and advertise our exhibition ourselves. I feel I communicated well in the group, we made decisions together, but I still voiced my opinions when necessary. I had good time management, I always showed up to meetings on time, and got all my photographs hung ready for the opening. I gained new people skills from talking to the people who came to view my work and I am now more confident in myself to talk to people.

Work Experience for Year 10 at Foxhills Technology College at Oxfam for1 week.

For my work experience I decided to go and help out at my local Oxfam charity shop. I helped to sort through the clothes for the shop. Linda the manager was really happy about the help. I used a tag gun to put labels on the clothes and price them ready for the shop floor. I also sorted out the clothes and bric-a-brac on the shop floor so they would look neat for the customers to see. I really enjoyed this job, my work colleagues were all friendly and we could chat while we worked. I used my time management skills to make sure I got everything done in time each day. I used my communication skills to help customers find items they were looking for. I worked the hardest I could to help the shop get through the large amount of donations; I helped to clear the entire top room. At the end of my work experience week Linda rang me to say I worked extremely well and if I ever wanted to volunteer there she would have me back anytime.

Interest and hobbies: 
I have always been interested in photography, since I first picked up a disposable camera.  I am passionate about the medium and always look for new ways to improve my knowledge of techniques and past photographers. I have used film cameras, developing the film myself, and I have used digital cameras. I have also used a medium format camera so am familiar with many types of photography. I love working in the darkroom developing prints and I enjoy working on Photoshop with digital pictures, after joining in with Photoshop classes I am now confident at using the software. I also keep and maintain my own wordpress blog, and manage my time to make sure I consistently keep high quality content on my site.

I have become more confident at speaking in front of people, doing speaking presentations and narrated videos, so I feel I could take on any challenge that I faced.

I am also very interested in cooking especially baking, I enjoy creating something new from a few ingredients and I like coming up with my own recipes. One of my passions is baking cakes, I like trying out new ideas and decorating them using many techniques that I enjoy learning. I like finding out new ways to make things and learning new skills.


Awards and membership of professional bodies: 
100% attendance Foxhills Technology College 2002, 2004 and 2005



Available on request

(Paul M Smith
Coventry University Photography Module Leader)

(Matt Johnston

Coventry University Technology and student support)

My email, phone number and address are not on this version because I don’t want them posted on the internet, but they will be on the final version when I go to apply for jobs.


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