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See Mine and Other Photography Student’s Work Exhibited

Would you like to see my work in a gallery setting?  My work will be exhibited in the Lanchester gallery in Coventry University and in the Frameless Gallery in London. The date and details for each are as follows.

Coventry Degree Show  1st of June until the 10th of June The Gallery is open from 10am until 6pm

Lanchester Gallery CV1 5FJ

Private View by invite only 1st of June 2012

Frameless Gallery Exhibition 18th of June until the 24th of June

Frameless Gallery 20 Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DP London

Private View 18th of June 6pm-late

The Exhibition features the work of:

Dorrell Merritt
Julia Frost
Pete Lord
Ellie Chimonas
Bijash Chauhan
Kayleigh Dolphin
Emma Bashforth
Chloe Short
Stacie Walker

Check out our website!


Invitation/Mini Leaflet Try-out 3

I decided to try the layout I created for the mini leaflets/invitations on a photograph that was rather busy and colourful. I used one of my scanned images that will be going in my final project, it is of me as a child.

The problem with this try-out is the image in the background, this layout works with simplistic photographs not a photograph as busy and bright as this one. I am happy that you can still read the writing, with colour photographs it is always hard to find a colour for the type. I like to use black or white for writing depending on the colour of the background but sometimes neither colour can be used and this can make the layout look too bright and non-professional.

On a side note, I do really like the colours in the scanned image, having not really had time to look at them while scanning arounf 50 images, the colours remind me so much of Martin Parr’s photographs especially his ‘The Last Resort’ book showcasing his photographs of the seaside resort of Brighton.

Martin Parr image from here.

Mini Leaflet/Invitation Tryout 2

I’m going to be trying out the layout I have created for a mini leaflet/invitation with different photographs behind it to see what it looks like. In the future I will also try new layouts, different designs and colours. But for the moment I really like the simplistic feel of the black text over the photograph. They would be nice to give to family and friends to invite them to the exhibition.

I really like how this looks, especially with my photograph in the background. Once again when printed this invite will be 6×4 photograph sized, to keep the symbolism of photography throughout it. I might change the font for the Exposure Twenty4 title, I don’t know yet, it took me ages to decide on Franklin Gothic because of its simplistic aesthetic, but I’m thinking now that it might be too square of a font.

Trying out ideas for mini leaflets/invitations for our exhibition

I though about trying to create a few mock ups for mini leaflets/invitations that we could give out to select people when advertising our exhibition. We could each have our own image on the one we give out, so that they are more personal to each person, but also get the message about or exhibition across.

My first idea is using a black and white image of my own.

I really like that the photo takes up the entire 6×4 photo sized paper, this will make sure everyone knows it’s a photography exhibition. Even thought the invitation is small I have managed to fit all of the main information on it. I couldn’t fit a map on there, but there is the postcode of the gallery and the website so people could use either google maps or the Frameless gallery’s website to find a map. I really like the simplicity of the invitation, the one problem is I know everybody has different types of photographs some in colour some in black and white, so this layout might not work on each photo. But that would keep each invitation unique to the person’s whose photograph is on it.

Brief Summary of the Meanings in my Project

My final major project is an installation piece created in a suitcase designed to be exhibited then packed up again, symbolising how you would pack to go on a journey. It is showing how throughout university I have grown as a person, starting at university as a somewhat naïve child and leaving as an adult. But the one thing that I have carried with me is my memories of my childhood, my home and my imagination, how I can look up at the sky and imagine new shapes and pictures. My project will contain scanned photographs of me as a child, images of the sky, ghostly looking images of me moving within photographs of my home, the place I left to move to Uni, it will also contain my letter to self I wrote in the first year and little snippets of writing hinting at the messages in the photographs. The scanned images of me as child will help every viewer remember their childhood however long ago it was, and they will also serve as a self-portrait of me, showing that I may have left that time behind but I can still maintain the imagination and innocence of a child. Some may say everyone has an imagination, but some choose to repress it, needing proof to believe in things, in my images I need you to use you imagination to see the pictures hidden in the sky and in my ghostly images. The ghostly photographs will be showing how I feel disconnected to my home now, as I am so far away in Coventry, it is where I grew up where all the scanned photographs were taken but I am hardly there anymore. But there are still traces of me left in Scunthorpe, my home, the images represent these traces. The ghostly photographs will be taken in the same rooms the scanned photographs of me were taken in; this will connect the whole piece together.

The entire piece will be spilling out of my suitcase onto the gallery wall, each image and piece of writing will be connected together with ribbon, symbolising how my life up to this point is connected together, how it hasn’t been just one straight line there has been many trials and diversions along the way. It is a way for me to show how I feel about leaving Uni, it is an end to another big part of my life and I’ll be moving onto another part of it, but I will always take my childhood and my home with me wherever I go.

Each photograph will be sewn onto with material, vintage material and cut up child’s clothes. This will help the viewer imagine childhood and time passing, like a journey. There will be toys in the suitcase, just a few to tie the entire piece together, to show the theme of childhood innocence, imagination and my personal journey. The suitcase will put the idea of a journey in every viewers mind, and hopefully help them to understand my installation. It is an installation about me, my journey in life, through childhood to University and how I believe you must carry your childhood and imagination with you, so you can sometimes escape the real world and go on a journey of your own.

How my installation will look when its being exhibited, just a crude drawing.

Posters the Group Like

Here I will keep an updated list of posters my group have highlighted as having elements they like. I will use this list to help me produce the posters for our exhibition.

First Poster Design

I created these posters to show to my group what the posters could look like if I used Coventry university’s template for posters. I couldn’t use the Helvetica font however because this is a Mac only font and I do not own a Mac. The posters each have a different persons photograph on, I was thinking this would be a way to make sure each person’s work got the same coverage on the poster.

Photograph credits to Chloe Short (me), Dorrell Merritt, and Kayleigh Dolphin respectively.

After showing these posters to the group they said they are too similar to the posters used by the university and as this is our own exhibition we want to be distanced from the uni somewhat. They did like the inclusion of the section of Google maps so that people will be able to locate our exhibition easier. I am hoping to be able to come up with many more designs over the next few weeks that they will be able to choose from. Im working on photoshop to create the designs.

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