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Looking Up at the Sky

I got a fish eye adapter for christmas and I had to try it out. Yes it is only a ¬£35 cheap lens but I cannot afford the proper fish eyes. I was actually really happy with the images produced by the adaptor. I will use it in different projects in the future…So keep your eyes peeled ūüôā The reason behind taking these images was the circle the lens created reminded me of the shape of the earth, so I turned my camera up to the sky and photographed it. I really like the results, I can imagine one printed on the inside of a gallery’s roof, so people could look up at it, and there would always be a blue sky.


Photo Diary

Over the summer, we were given a task to compile a diary of images. Of what we see and do. But the images must be interesting, to show your skill in photography. I really enjoyed carrying my camera with me and photographing the things I saw and the places I went. Its like i am photographing memories to keep forever. Here is a section of the images I took over the summer.

Snowy Images!

We had some snow this year so I had to document it with my camera. I love how any sunlight on the snow can make it glisten. When I see these images I am reminded of christmas and happy times.

I take photographs of my shadow as a way of taking a self-portrait. This has been influenced by Lee Friedlander’s work, and David Hockney’s work, where he puts his feet in the photograph.

An example of Lee Friedlander’s work.


I was working in the darkroom on some prints for an assignment, and suddenly thought of Man Rays photograms. I had done photograms before so knew how to. I was just messing around in the following images, they have been scanned in so sorry for the quality. They look much better as originals because the paper is shiny, and this really shows the black and white contrast.

I love photograms, and am hoping to do loads more of them! Maybe using different objects to get new effects. I will try using see-thru objects, and different materials to see what happens. I will experiment changing the darkroom paper too, glossy and matt.

An example of Man Ray’s work, I was influenced by his photograms for my own.

The Sky in Pictures

I am really inspired by the sky, clouds and the sun. It is something that I have been admiring and photographing my entire life. It is mysterious and contains many different colours depending on the time of day. It changes, sometimes quickly, like life it darkens and brightens up again. It can be happy (sunlight) or sad (rain) but always has an emotion and can make us feel small in a large world.

Normanby hall

I always take my camera with me where ever I go. So on a beautiful summers day at Normanby Hall, I managed to take many nice photographs of nature and light and the surrounding area.

Using natural light to take photographs is one of my signature things in my images. I really like to use what is already in the environment to get some nice images. This is my opinion of course, but I like how light and shadow in the pictures can make your eyes move around the images and linger on parts.  The light really shows up the detail in the environment.

Inspired by the Renaissance

These images were taken using the Renaissance’s idea of light and perspective. I think the link is quite hard to see unless you know there’s a link, but it is subtle. I focused on the light part of Renaissance art, because it is something I can carry on in to my photography, such as in these photographs.

I walked to a nearby park, and found the lake frozen over with little blocks of ice in. I really liked how the light seemed to turn the ice into glass, and how the ducks, swans and geese were mirrored in the ice. This gives my images a surreal feel, and gives them depth. The ice glistens with the light, showing the cracks and textures on the ice blocks. I am really glad that I saw the lake when it was frozen over.

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