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Talk Talk Advert

I love this talk talk advert, it inspires me to have a go at light graffiti myself. I am certainly not going to do anything as elaborate as the advert, but I may use glow sticks to try to write in the air. Using a slow shutter speed to capture the whole picture. I also want to capture light trails from cars using the same method.

Two of my attempts at capturing moving light. I like the lines of light, but I need more traffic, so I may go to a motorway bridge at night to photograph with a tripod. I do like these shots though and want to try many more.


Photo Diary

Over the summer, we were given a task to compile a diary of images. Of what we see and do. But the images must be interesting, to show your skill in photography. I really enjoyed carrying my camera with me and photographing the things I saw and the places I went. Its like i am photographing memories to keep forever. Here is a section of the images I took over the summer.

Under-represented Group Essay

Exploring an Under-represented Group in the Media

To think of groups represented in the media, is to think of celebrities, footballer’s crime offenders, youths, lottery winners, politicians and only occasionally the people that do deserve the spotlight.

It is not very often that the media do a piece on a charities efforts or a person’s determination to help someone else. Sometimes yes I agree they are highlighted on shows such as look north, or in regional news papers. But they hardly get a look in on the main news headlines.

I feel people and charities that do good things, deserve more media attention. They certainly deserve the attention criminals and young offenders receive. It would be nicer to hear about Oxfam’s effort in helping people than a group of drunken youths attacking someone.

But no we mustn’t erase the countries bad behaviour, but we could give the people that really make a difference, in any small way, a chance to be heard and thanked. There are the nurses who help people feel better, the carers making life more comfortable, the teachers giving children a chance to shine, and there are the normal people like you and me who do extraordinary things to help other people.

Think of all the people running the London marathon every year for different charities. They have to go through months of training, just to be able to finish the 26 miles. But these people don’t get shown on the media, I’m not asking for them all to be thanked in person; they should just get as much media attention as the people running in costume for charity.

There are the schools that throw special events to raise money for a cause. They never get media attention, unless a celebrity endorses the event. There is of the many charities raising money to help those in need from donations from normal people. The charities like the British Heart Foundation, the National Rainforest Alliance, and the countless other small charities raising money for anything from illnesses to animals.

I really admire the good in people; some people can be full of it, whereas others suppress it. It would be nice to see more happy things on the news and in the media; it could lift people’s spirits and encourage them to help a good cause.

I am certainly not trying to brainwash anybody into being something they are not. I just want the media to realise that the world isn’t helped by the footballers, the celebrities or the criminals, yes celebrities sometimes give to charity and I admire them for that. But the ordinary people and charity organisations that do the same everyday deserve the same amount of respect and media attention if not more.

So my under-represented group in the media is more about how people act towards other people. I wrote about the ones that help for no financial or any type of gain at all. They help because they can, like the many charity organisations, these certainly deserve more media attention.

Sometimes it’s just amazing to see the good inside people, and how they help others, it inspires me to help and be kinder towards everyone.

Reply Letter to Self

Reply Letter to Self….

It is almost the end of my first year at university now. Reading your letter fills me with a sense of pride about what I have achieved in that short space of time. I certainly no longer need a map to find my way around the University. I also know Coventry better now; I can walk to the shops and the supermarket with ease. I also found out where the post boxes are so I can keep in touch the old fashioned way.

I have made some wonderful friends on my course, some I hope to keep for the rest of my life. They have helped me learn new skills and have made me become slightly more confident with myself. I have even had my first taste of alcohol, and I have to say I liked it, so more please Kayleigh. I still don’t really click with my flatmates, but I prefer my friends on my course. I don’t need to try and fit in with my flatmates.

I have been working hard, but also doing my old trick of leaving things to the last minute. I really do need to work on that. I have been taking many pictures, film digital and pinhole shots. I have moved onto using digital more for my photographs because I like how you have the power to see the photograph after you have taken it. It makes taking photographs so much easier, but I do still like film. I have even had a go at making photograms again, and will continue to experiment throughout my Uni life.

I certainly have focused on light in my photography not just because it was one of our assignments, but because I like the subject. I have also done lots of landscape and nature photography, and am starting to branch out into pinhole pictures and studio portraits, which should be fun. There’s even a little money saved away for the degree show in my bank which I wouldn’t have bet on at the start of the year.

I am glad to say that yes I am happy with life and my choice of University. If I hadn’t have made the choice to put Coventry down on my list I wouldn’t have met all my lovely friends, my amazing boyfriend David and learnt all the new things about photography. I am looking forward to another year of new experiences and living with 3 brilliant people. Hopefully staying with David forever, and keeping the friends I have made for the rest of my life.

XOXO Chloe

Snowy Images!

We had some snow this year so I had to document it with my camera. I love how any sunlight on the snow can make it glisten. When I see these images I am reminded of christmas and happy times.

I take photographs of my shadow as a way of taking a self-portrait. This has been influenced by Lee Friedlander’s work, and David Hockney’s work, where he puts his feet in the photograph.

An example of Lee Friedlander’s work.


I was working in the darkroom on some prints for an assignment, and suddenly thought of Man Rays photograms. I had done photograms before so knew how to. I was just messing around in the following images, they have been scanned in so sorry for the quality. They look much better as originals because the paper is shiny, and this really shows the black and white contrast.

I love photograms, and am hoping to do loads more of them! Maybe using different objects to get new effects. I will try using see-thru objects, and different materials to see what happens. I will experiment changing the darkroom paper too, glossy and matt.

An example of Man Ray’s work, I was influenced by his photograms for my own.

Saltsmill Gallery-Bradford

I have been to the Saltsmill gallery a few times now, this is because it showcases David Hockney’s work. He has always been an inspiration to me, and to see some of his work up close is really amazing. I first heard about the gallery from my college photography teacher, and I went to check it out. These photographs are for another trip to the gallery to go with my University work. The images are not of the inside of the gallery, because I do not like photographing other people’s work much. I will go back and photograph Hockney’s work as Bradford is only and hour away from Scunthorpe.

The gallery is a must see if you know the work of David Hockney, and its a nice place to go if you don’t know his work. It has shops, and a cafe themed with one of David Hockney’s drawings. So you can really spend a couple of hours looking around. There is an amazing bookshop on the second floor which is always worth a look. For the artist it has art supplys, and for the photographer many photography books.

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