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Gallery Visit-2021 Scunthorpe

These photographs were taken when I visited the 2021 gallery in Scunthorpe. It is a small gallery for independent artists to show their work. There is often photography there too, but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to photograph it. I did photograph the exhibition and some of the sculptures outside. The gallery is inside a church, so it is a really nice place to go and look around.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, it was different to what I usually like, as I am not really into modern art. But these pieces show the skills of the artists and their imagination. This is something I want my Photographs to show, whatever the subject, my skill and determination about photography.

I went to see how other artists and photographs present their work. I’m creating an art installation for my final major project in photography, which is probably a different approach to presentation than most people in the class. But I like my work to be an artifact, something that cannot be reproduced. There were no suspended pieces in this exhibition but I did see how they put the installations in their own little section of the gallery, so they could be appreciated from every angle. This is something I need to think about when deciding what space I’d like in the gallery.

The gallery doesn’t really have a website but there is more information on the north lincolnshire council’s website.


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