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Anastasia Taylor-Lind Notes From Dean’s Presentation (8th Nov)

  • She is a young english photographer.
  • Part of VII agency mentor program.
  • She has a BA in documentary Photography from Newport Uni.
  • She was featured in a 2008 BBC TV program on war.
  • She has photographed the PKK, Kurdish female freedom fighters, they come from a society where women are seen as worthless. But they see true democracy in the unit.
  • ‘She has passion for the people’
  • The UK government thinks the PKK are terrorists.
  • ‘Siberian Supermodels’ series – the photography series she is working on at the moment, she photographs girls looking for a way out of poverty by becoming supermodels.
  • ‘Russian Cossack Women’ series – She spent some time in a Cossack school in Ukraine and Russia. It is a traditional Russian school. The Cossacks are historically known as fearless warriors.
  • ‘Slavic Blond’ Series – A project about hair extensions, the finest hair is found in Siberia.


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