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Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was an American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. After a successful career as a commercial illustrator, Warhol became famous worldwide for his work as a painter, avant-garde filmmaker, record producer, author, and public figure known for his membership in wildly diverse social circles that included bohemian street people, distinguished intellectuals, Hollywood celebrities and wealthy aristocrats.

Warhol has been the subject of numerous retrospective exhibitions, books, and feature and documentary films. He coined the widely used expression “15 minutes of fame.” In his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Andy Warhol Museum exists in memory of his life and artwork.

Got to have a bit of mickey mouse in here.

Silk Screen soup can

My photography has been inspired by Andy Warhol’s idea of photographing modern culture, and the 15 minutes of fame. I photograph things we have now, the consumerism of our time, the big brands like Coca Cola. I look at advertising for ideas, how they grab the viewer’s attention, I want that in my images.

Andy Warhol has inspired me since doing Art at GCSE and I find even in photography influence can be taken from his work. The bright colours and imagery really make me want to experiment with colour photography in different ways. I may start using 35mm colour film to photograph unusual objects. I think this might be a worthy project to undertake.


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