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Photographs of my Installation

I photographed my installation in the photography studio so that I can show you how it looks all set up. I made the lighting slightly darker than usual so the photographs feel intimate, like you were looking at them in the gallery. I wanted it to look like the photographs were flowing out of the suitcase all from one piece of ribbon, that’s why I tied all the pieces of ribbon together with the longest piece of ribbon.


Mock Up of Installation

I decided to test what my installation would look like all set up at home. I used masking tape to stick it to the ceiling, which is I admit a bit different to how I will be securing it in the gallery, I’ll be tying it to metal wires that are on the ceiling, but I just wanted to see what it would look like. I spaced each ribbon out so every piece could sway and move, and so that each photograph could be seen by people walking around the gallery. I have found out that my space in the gallery will be by the window at the left hand side of the front of the gallery. I’m quite happy with this space, as long as I have enough space to suspend my ribbon, the people organising the spaces knew I needed ceiling space and something to suspend my installation from so I trust them.

I really liked how my installation looked all set up, It actually looked better than I thought. I was worried that it would look a little too handmade, and look a bit tacky, but to me it looks good. I am excited to see what it will look like in the gallery. I did decide that it needed a few more paper flowers sewed onto it after I saw it set up.

The suitcase is made to look like it has spilled open, throwing the contents around and all the photographs flowed out of it. I think it does achieve this, I will just need to neaten up how the ribbon looks tied around the slinky.

Propping My Suitcase Open

It took me a while to think of how to prop my suitcase open in the gallery and stick with the theme of a journey and imagination. I eventually though of using books to prop it open, because they take you on a journey using your imagination and people often take them on trips with them in their suitcase. I chose to use Oliver Twist, The Three Musketeers, and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, because the first two are old classics and fit the vintage theme of my work, and the third is a modern take on a classic, which fits with my aesthetic.

Making My Installation Photo Frame

I wanted to have one photographs framed to place inside the suitcase, to carry on the scrapbook aesthetic and to fill the suitcase and give people things to look at. I want the suitcase to look like it has spilled open, throwing all the photographs out and the contents of the suitcase. I think it will bring the entire piece together.

Making My Installation Craft Flowers

I found some nice paper craft flowers while searching for ribbon and I really wanted to add a few of them to my installation to further enhance the scrapbook feel of my work. I want my work to look like the inside of a scrapbook suspended from the ceiling of the gallery. So everything will look handmade and vintage, I feel the paper flowers add to this aesthetic. I will sew a few onto the ribbon with my photographs, not many, but a few different coloured ones. I have red, blue and black.

An example of what the flowers look like sewn onto my ribbon.

Making My Installation Letter to Self Sections

I wanted to add the letter to self that I wrote back in first year into my installation because I felt it really showed how I was feeling back when I first came to university. I also decided to add the reply letter to self I wrote at the end of my first year to show how much I grew in one year. My reply letter to self now would be very similar, except I’d have to say how nervous I feel about being out in the real world all the worries that follow. But I didn’t want my installation to be about that, I wanted it to be about how I have grown as a person from my childhood to now, always carrying those memories with me, and how I was always at home. Now it is different, I feel myself becoming disconnected from home, that’s what the ghostly photographs are trying to say, that I never really visit home much now, I have moved on. But I will always carry my childhood with me, symbolised by the childhood photographs, and I will always have my imagination, symbolised by the photographs of the sky.

I sewed each of the letter on their own piece of ribbon, so that they can move when people walk past them, and so people can get close to read them. I want the installation to be a mass of suspended photographs and words, hopefully letting people use their imagination when they look at it.

Making My Installation Sewing the Text Onto My Work

I created my text sections of my work the same way I created the photograph sections. I sewed them together, this helps my work to feel homemade, like a scrapbook which is the feeling im going for with my piece. I wanted to sew the text onto my installation without making it look too cluttered or messy. So I decided to sew one piece of text onto each of the four main sections of my work, then add the two final pieces of text onto two of the sections that I felt needed something extra to balance them out. I sewed them on to one side of the ribbon so that when the ribbon spins in the air people will be able to notice the text then walk up to read it if they wished.

It will look better suspended in the gallery, this photograph is just showing you how I have sewed the text onto the ribbon. I had to be really careful not to damage the ribbon, as I don’t want it to rip when its suspended.

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