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Benjamin Chesterton

Benjamin Chesterton came in today to give us a talk about photography and telling a story with it. He also talked about one of Robert Gumpert’s images.

Robert Gumpert’s Image

My notes from the lecture are quite jumbled but I wrote down what I found interesting and meaningful when he was talking. I hope you can understand my notes.

He set up the DuckRabbit company . He is a radio documentary producer for the BBC on Radio 4. He creates humanitarian documentaries.

A body of work is a way to tell a story and connect to other people. Audio and visual work can capture the voice of the people. Keeping their memories and feelings alive in a photograph.

A still image can be interpreted differently, whereas a moving image has more context to it. But in a still image we explore it with our eyes and learn more as we look at it, creating a story as we go along.We decide where our eyes will go once we have started at the photographers focal point.

Limitation of photography, it can’t always give the truth, it can be manipulated and changed.

Photography can draw people into the story, and portraits can tell a story about that particular person.


Memory is resistance-capturing something

Photography can focus on telling people’s stories.


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