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My Business Card

I got new business cards printed for the Coventry Degree show and my London exhibition, here is a photograph of one of them.

I chose to print new business cards off for the exhibition so that I could put my professional email address off and put a simple picture on them. I think my cards are nice and give people the information they need. I got them from vista print.


Day 9 Getting Business cards for my Exhibition

I wanted to make a few business cards to put out during the exhibition so that if anyone wanted to contact me they could pick one up and easily find my email address. At first I wanted to print a different photograph on each one so that they would be unique, but then I thought about it longer and knew that it wouldn’t be practical. Then I wanted to draw a little picture on each one, thinking that this would make them original and different, but people said this would just make them look scruffy and unprofessional. So I decided on getting simple black and white printed ones, with just the information on so that people can find it easy.

The layout would be like this,

Chloe Short


I got 50 printed for £4 and they look really nice. Printed on decent paper with easy to read writing. They dont have any colour on, but I think they look nice and simple.

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