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Catherine McIntyre (Notes from Kayleigh’s Presentation)

  • Deux Places a la Fois
  • She trained in graphics design
  • Photos are the main medium in here photoshop images
  • They are film and digital
  • Collage-Layers on photoshop
  • Surrealism
  • Asthetically like surrealist painters from the 1920’s, but they dont come out of nowhere like old surrealism.
  • Dreams and Nightmares series, Victory, Panthera Tigris
  • Her work is emotional
  • Uses scientific elements to create her work
  • Photoshop allows you to make new realities while retaining a part of the truth.
  • Photoshop-still real but at the same time not real.

Catherine McIntyre is a photographer/artist I would have never looked at or found if Kayleigh hadn’t shown me her work. I really like Catherine’s work, it does feel like a collage of pictures cut out of magazines, but knowing she created them herself on photoshop makes them even more impressive. Her work inspires me to try sandwiching negatives in the dark room, and even have a go on photoshop myself, though I could never achieve what she has achieved.

Her website is here.



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