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See Mine and Other Photography Student’s Work Exhibited

Would you like to see my work in a gallery setting?  My work will be exhibited in the Lanchester gallery in Coventry University and in the Frameless Gallery in London. The date and details for each are as follows.

Coventry Degree Show  1st of June until the 10th of June The Gallery is open from 10am until 6pm

Lanchester Gallery CV1 5FJ

Private View by invite only 1st of June 2012

Frameless Gallery Exhibition 18th of June until the 24th of June

Frameless Gallery 20 Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DP London

Private View 18th of June 6pm-late

The Exhibition features the work of:

Dorrell Merritt
Julia Frost
Pete Lord
Ellie Chimonas
Bijash Chauhan
Kayleigh Dolphin
Emma Bashforth
Chloe Short
Stacie Walker

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My Business Card

I got new business cards printed for the Coventry Degree show and my London exhibition, here is a photograph of one of them.

I chose to print new business cards off for the exhibition so that I could put my professional email address off and put a simple picture on them. I think my cards are nice and give people the information they need. I got them from vista print.

Mock Up of Installation

I decided to test what my installation would look like all set up at home. I used masking tape to stick it to the ceiling, which is I admit a bit different to how I will be securing it in the gallery, I’ll be tying it to metal wires that are on the ceiling, but I just wanted to see what it would look like. I spaced each ribbon out so every piece could sway and move, and so that each photograph could be seen by people walking around the gallery. I have found out that my space in the gallery will be by the window at the left hand side of the front of the gallery. I’m quite happy with this space, as long as I have enough space to suspend my ribbon, the people organising the spaces knew I needed ceiling space and something to suspend my installation from so I trust them.

I really liked how my installation looked all set up, It actually looked better than I thought. I was worried that it would look a little too handmade, and look a bit tacky, but to me it looks good. I am excited to see what it will look like in the gallery. I did decide that it needed a few more paper flowers sewed onto it after I saw it set up.

The suitcase is made to look like it has spilled open, throwing the contents around and all the photographs flowed out of it. I think it does achieve this, I will just need to neaten up how the ribbon looks tied around the slinky.

Making my Installation Large 6″ x 9″ Photographs

For my installation I knew I wanted some larger printed photographs on their own ribbons, so that the viewers could have different things to look at in my installation, and so that the larger photographs could be seen from further away in the gallery. The photographs I selected were eight photographs I hadn’t used on the main section of my installation the photos I used were these;

I sewed around each of the sides of the photographs just like I did with the smaller photographs. This time only having the ribbon coming out of the top, so that I can suspend the photographs in between the other suspended ribbons of the installation. This will help my installation look like one piece and give the illusion that the photos are flowing out of the suitcase and flying away.

Two sections of my installation containing the 6″ x 9″ photos.

Model of my Installation for the Scale Model of the Gallery

Everybody exhibiting in the Lanchester Gallery for the Coventry degree show had to create a scale model of their photographs to go in the scale model of the gallery. For most people this would be simple, just printing out or cutting out a smaller version of their photographs, for me it was a lot harder as I had to create a scale model of my installation. I decided to create a scale model of the suitcase and some of the photographs, because if I tried to do more of the photographs it would have been too small and hard to handle. I imagine the suitcase is the main part they wanted me to make anyway, because it will be taking up floor space and they will need to place it in a good space to showcase my work. I had to use wire and white tack to symbolise the hanging ribbon because there isn’t a roof on the scale model of the gallery. It is 1:20 scale.

My installation model

Lego Advert I found

My final project was inspired by Lego, and how it can capture the imagination of a child. How they can construct and create new things with it. My idea started with this photograph that I took in February 2012, I was trying to re-create a film scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, this was to show the skill that goes into creating and constructing the sets for films and it was also something I was interested in.

”Lego Harry Potter’

My project has moved on from that photograph as you can see in the many other posts about it on my blog. See here and here. But I am still fascinated by the imagination of children, keeping that in my final project, how we carry it with us as adults even if we try to hide it.

I found these adverts created by the Lego company and felt that they are saying the same thing I am, that Lego is a tool for people to use to inspire them and bring out their imagination.

Lego Brick Advertisements

The ads appeared on four consecutive pages. LEGO is a company that has fostered imagination, invention and creativity for over 60 years. So it is unusual for these ads to feature only long copy with minimal imagery. However, upon reading each of these scenarios the ad comes to life in a way that is unique only to the reader and how they see these playtime scenarios in their mind’s eye. Typographic elements of kerning contrasted with tracking allow the reader to almost get lost in the copy selecting keywords for their imagination. The fourth ad in the series, “Yellow Brick” features a notepad with the tagline “Every LEGO brick tells a story. Build yours.”

Advertising Agency: Pereira & O’Dell, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: PJ Pereira
Creative Director / Copywriter: Aricio Fortes
Creative Director / Art Director: Paulo Coelho
Account Executive: Lo Braz
Illustrator: Eduardo Gomes

Description of the adverts from the website.

Final Project Work So Far

So far I have created my our main sections of my installation, they each have 4 photographs on at the moment but I may decide to add more once I have seen what it looks like hung up. I don’t want to overwhelm the viewers with too much information to look at, especially because I haven’t added the text sections to my installation yet. Here are 8 photographs of my installation sections, two photographs of each section showing you both sides of the photographs. They are not fully finished yet, I need to finish making them look exhibition worthy.

I have sent 7 more photographs to be printed and they should be here sometime this week, they are larger than the ones in those photographs and will be on their own pieces of ribbon. This is to give the viewers things to look at, and so they can almost move in between the photographs. The photos will move in the breeze created by the people walking past, so my installation will always be changing like a journey.

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