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Looking Up at the Sky

I got a fish eye adapter for christmas and I had to try it out. Yes it is only a £35 cheap lens but I cannot afford the proper fish eyes. I was actually really happy with the images produced by the adaptor. I will use it in different projects in the future…So keep your eyes peeled 🙂 The reason behind taking these images was the circle the lens created reminded me of the shape of the earth, so I turned my camera up to the sky and photographed it. I really like the results, I can imagine one printed on the inside of a gallery’s roof, so people could look up at it, and there would always be a blue sky.


The Sky in Pictures

I am really inspired by the sky, clouds and the sun. It is something that I have been admiring and photographing my entire life. It is mysterious and contains many different colours depending on the time of day. It changes, sometimes quickly, like life it darkens and brightens up again. It can be happy (sunlight) or sad (rain) but always has an emotion and can make us feel small in a large world.

Light Photography-Sky

I am always inspired my the sky especially the colours and clouds. I love to photograph it and here are a few images from my light series. Light really can create depth in photographs, it can draw your eye to an area in the image and make them follow the image.

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