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Mini Leaflet/Invitation Tryout 2

I’m going to be trying out the layout I have created for a mini leaflet/invitation with different photographs behind it to see what it looks like. In the future I will also try new layouts, different designs and colours. But for the moment I really like the simplistic feel of the black text over the photograph. They would be nice to give to family and friends to invite them to the exhibition.

I really like how this looks, especially with my photograph in the background. Once again when printed this invite will be 6×4 photograph sized, to keep the symbolism of photography throughout it. I might change the font for the Exposure Twenty4 title, I don’t know yet, it took me ages to decide on Franklin Gothic because of its simplistic aesthetic, but I’m thinking now that it might be too square of a font.


Trying out ideas for mini leaflets/invitations for our exhibition

I though about trying to create a few mock ups for mini leaflets/invitations that we could give out to select people when advertising our exhibition. We could each have our own image on the one we give out, so that they are more personal to each person, but also get the message about or exhibition across.

My first idea is using a black and white image of my own.

I really like that the photo takes up the entire 6×4 photo sized paper, this will make sure everyone knows it’s a photography exhibition. Even thought the invitation is small I have managed to fit all of the main information on it. I couldn’t fit a map on there, but there is the postcode of the gallery and the website so people could use either google maps or the Frameless gallery’s website to find a map. I really like the simplicity of the invitation, the one problem is I know everybody has different types of photographs some in colour some in black and white, so this layout might not work on each photo. But that would keep each invitation unique to the person’s whose photograph is on it.

Coventry Uni Priory Hall In Pictures

As a side project to my actual assignments, I took some photographs of my Uni accommodation Priory hall. I was testing out perspective and how to use it to create a sense of height and depth. I think I achieved this, with my photographs.

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