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Dan Winters

Dan Winters is an American photographer, illustrator, filmmaker and writer. He was born in Ventura County, CA on October 21, 1962. He first studied photography and the darkroom process starting in 1971 while a member of his local 4H club. In 1979, while still a high school senior, he began working full-time in the motion picture special effects industry in the area of miniature construction and design.

Known for the broad range of subject matter he is able to interpret, he is widely recognized for his iconic celebrity portraiture, his scientific photography, his photojournalistic stories and more recently his drawings and illustrations.

His work has appeared in four solo exhibitions in galleries in New York and Los Angeles. A book of his work entitled “Dan Winters: Periodical Photographs” was published in 2009 by Aperture.

I was shown a few of Dan Winters portraits before I went to shoot my images of Emma and I think they really inspired me. They made me want to achieve a dark feel to my images but still show the personality of the subject. As I had to get close to Emma, I knew I wanted to focus on her face, so I chose a corner to photograph her to get the shadows I wanted. Dan Winters portraits really show how the subject was feeling at the time he took the picture, whether they were at ease or if they were pensive. I really like them and hope that they inspire my work further.


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