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Final Work Evaluation

After all the problems at the start of my final major project I really feel I have created something that I like and have enjoyed creating. I was annoyed at the start that people’s feedback had made me change from my original idea of recreating film scenes from Lego, but after a while I felt their feedback had given me a chance to follow a different route with my photography work, one that really showcases everything I have learnt and done throughout the three years. I had to think about new ways to approach my ideas, which is a good skill to use for later in life in jobs. My idea came to me in parts, I kept thinking about new things I could include in my project, and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to create an installation, so that it could contain all of my separate photography projects into one idea and hold one meaning.  I think this meaning may be slightly hard for people to understand at first, but I am hoping the symbolism I have placed in the installation will help get the meaning across. A suitcase, to show a journey, children’s toys to symbolise childhood and the imagination, photographs of me to show it is a personal journey and the ribbon holding everything together because it is connected.

I feel this project was one of my best for time keeping. I knew I had to get the photographs finished early because I had to create the entire installation around the photographs. I got the photographs done before the eater holidays so I could spend all the free time sewing my photographs onto the ribbon and sourcing any new materials I needed. It did take me longer than I thought to get the installation together, sewing it took a lot of time and patience. Maybe if I was sewing onto photographs again I would use a sewing machine with a thin needle to speed up the process. I did get the installation finished in time ready so I could photograph it set up in the studio for hand in. The studio was only available on Monday the 21st so I had to shoot on this day.

Overall I am really happy with how this project went. and I am excited to see it up in the gallery. If I were to do this project again I might create some final prints to go with the work and be hung up, because I feel my work may look a little like handmade craft next to all the amazing prints my fellow students have produced. But I like that I was able to create something I enjoy and really showcase my talents as a photographer and an artist. I loved doing all of the research looking at photographers and artists and really broadening my horizons. I’m glad this work will be photographed as well as exhibited so that it can live on even after it has been taken down. I really enjoyed this project and am happy to have it all finished, it is a nice way to end my journey through University.


Picbod Final Images-Evaluation

At first I found the Picturing the Body course to be a bit daunting, being asked to go out and photograph a stranger for our first task really threw me in at the deep end. But after going about the tasks my own way I started to really enjoy it. I could focus on self-portraits, something I hadn’t done before and I found I really did like taking them. I also photographed other people, mainly when it was a set task, but I enjoyed this as well. I could get to know people like Zach a bit more than I had before, and forge new friendships. With David I already knew him very well, but I could use our relationship to be able to get closer to him and produce personal images. I think this is what made my images come out so well, the fact that David trusted me to photograph him and that I wasn’t afraid of asking him to pose how I wanted. This is made even easier when photographing myself, as I can pose how I want. It quite hard focusing the image when taking a self-portrait, but I eventually solved the problem with a piece of paper stuck to the wall I was using as a background. It helped me to focus the camera at the right spot.

My final images are a response to everything we have done throughout the course, from the set tasks to the lectures. They are self-portraits, but can also be anybody as they do not have a face. This means anyone can look at them and change who is in the photograph they are looking at. I really like to engage the viewer in my work, not laying out the meanings clearly, I want them to look closer and create their own meanings to my work. Of course there is a meaning behind my work, that can be found on the final images post but to write it all again here would just be wasting your time, as you do not have the images to look at on this post.

I chose to print three of my final images A3 size, because this is the best size to get people to step closer to the images when they are displayed. I did not want to put them in frames, as I feel this would detract from the detail in the images, and possibly ruin the meaning of equality and identity. I like how the prints look now, plain and simple, letting the image do the talking. This may be my own opinion, as I like photography to be about the photographs not how they are mounted or displayed. I know it can add to the photograph, and I love frames, but for this set of images I am keeping them as they are, so the body can the main centre of attention.

I was inspired by many artist that we looked at in the lectures and my own research. I especially liked the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, he inspired my images because of how he captured the tones and lines in the human skin. I wanted to capture the lines in my own skin and how they can show identity, like fingerprints, but showing the body print. I like how light shines off the skin in Mapplethorpe’s images I wanted to capture this in my own images.

Overall I really enjoyed this course and the work I have created because of it. I am certainly going to carry on taking self-potraits and portraits of other people. I suddenly have found I have an interest in photographing in black and white. I shall take this interest back to using 35mm film and maybe medium format.  I know the summer break will be a good time to experiment with Picturing the Body.

Final Images Evaluation

Throughout the project I did enjoy being able to come up with my own ideas without a set title or theme I had to follow. I liked being able to carry on with my summer work and the subjects I enjoy photographing. At first I found it hard to come up with a solid idea, I had some idea of what I wanted to use and the lighting but no meaning behind my images. I was reluctant at first to change my idea, because it was something I wanted to do but looking back I think it would have taken to long to create the images I wanted to. I still feel photography doesn’t need a meaning, it is more the feelings the images create in the viewers of the picture. But I researched my ideas more about the seven deadly sins and the more I thought about them the easier it was to think of a meaning and a subject for my images.

I did find it hard to think of ideas for the sins, I think a mind map would have been a better way of thinking about it than just sitting and staring at my screen. But I did eventually get a series of seven images that flow as a group and all carry across their messages.

I really have enjoyed keeping a blog of my work instead of a journal, I never thought I would say that, it gives me more freedom to upload my inspiration and research. I also like how much neater a blog is compared to sticking things into a journal. I will still create a portfolio to carry with me for job interviews in the future, but for now with my university work I will put it all onto a blog. It saves time for photographing and puts all my research in a place for not only me to see but all my classmates and anyone on the internet who finds it. It is also a nice place to display my final work as it puts it all together.

Once again I found myself pushed for time to complete the assingment, not because I sat around doing nothing but because of all the other things I has to focus on. I find it hard to focus on loads of different things at once, so the essay and fashion shoot didn’t help. I know this is just me being lazy, so I will make sure I timetable my time better next term, to make sure I get everything done.

In my opinion this project is one of the best I have done so far. I really put all my effort in creating the images and choosing the subject matter. I even had to get the lighting just right to achieve the eerie feel to all my images. I did have to re-take a few of my images after my ideas developed more from a group critique session, this was slightly worrying in itself because I had a week to re-shoot and change my idea. But I managed to get it all done, and I like the outcomes. If I could do this project again I would make sure I got all my final images done a week before ready for the group critique then I could spend the next week getting them printed and mounted. Finding all my frames in different charity shops was a hard task especially as I wanted them all the same size. I did have to buy one from wilkinsons, but I hope this doesn’t detract from the final work.

I really hope to be able to carry on using mini sets and lighting techniques to photograph toys and figures, and maybe even create mini film sets with them and try and get a feel for being a director of photography.

Essay Evaluation

I found the essay really hard at first because we weren’t given a title or anything specific to write about. But once I had a subject I wanted to write about I found the research more enjoyable. Finding books in the library on Ansel Adams wasn’t difficult, but it was hard getting them out of the library when people already had them. But Sally showed me google scholar and that helped with a lot of my research.

I really enjoy the historical part of photography so researching the beginings of photography was really interesting for me. Once again writing the essay was hard especially after being told my topic was too broard. I didn’t just focus on one photographer likeI was advised to, because an essay isn’t an essay without something to compare or argue. I certainly perfer essays to presentations because in an essay you cant lose marks for being nervous or not talking for long enough. Essays let me put my opinions down in paper and I enjoy writing them, I dont enjoy doing presentations at all and I think my marks would suffer if this had been a presentation.

Overall if I did this essay again, I would probably spend more time on research, but also make sure I did myother assingments instead of just focusing on the essay.

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